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Select Mix ’50s Essentials 01

Select Mix '50s Essentials 01 (2019)

Select Mix 50s Essentials Volume 01 is designed and signed as a reference on your choice of several exchangers file! Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers, Little Richard, The Champs: Decent selection and beautiful tracks, all of us listening at one time or another, for many years! Our remixes can be heard on popular radio stations, and in night clubs & event halls all around the world. Our catalog represents solid remixes from the best artists across nearly all genres of popular music. From the famed Select Essentials series, to our popular Old School and Rewind series, we have what you want! Get the best remixes, the best sound, and the most packed dance floors with remixes from Select Mix!

Select Mix ’50s Essentials 01 (2019)
Rock & Roll, Ballad, Vocal, Rockabilly, Blues, Surf, Country, Gospel, Chicano Rock | Remix Holdings, Select Mix
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 08-10-2019 | 00:18:18 | 45 Mb
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01. Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife (Select Mix Remix) 3:41
02. Buddy Holly – Oh Boy (Select Mix Remix) 2:44
03. Elvis Presley – Hound Dog (Select Mix Remix) 3:03
04. Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie (Select Mix Remix) 2:36
05. Little Richard – Tutti Frutti (Select Mix Remix) 3:02
06. The Champs – Tequila (Select Mix Remix) 3:12

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